Welcome to CeDAR

Welcome to CeDARPicture for Homepage

The Center for Data, Analytics and Reporting (CeDAR) is responsible for the direction, development and maintenance of both technical and functional resources available to meet the University's needs for data, analytics and reporting. This includes the Information Warehouse, IBM/Cognos and Tableau Business Intelligence tools, DataStage ETL tools, and any other software acquired to support those needs.  


5122 Cognos Report Viewers in the Warehousein 2017
1035220 Cognos Reports Executed in 2017
94 Data Marts Represented in the Warehouse

Our Mission

The mission of CeDAR is to provide a managed, robust and comprehensive set of services and tools that will encourage and enable members of the university community to better understand and utilize the information resources available to them.

Our Goals

  • Continue to manage, enhance and support the basic operational reporting needs of the University
  • Actively partner with all administrative levels of the University to create a culture of data interest and curiosity
  • Provide direction as strategic, dynamic and visual views of data become the standard for Princeton
  • Encourage university professionals at all levels to value and utilize analytics in their decision making processes
  • Provide and manage the data, tools, education and expertise to encourage and support the culture of analytics