Education & Outreach

One of the primary goals of CeDAR is to actively engage the university community in both understanding and utilizing data that is available to them. Part of this may be accomplished through participation in the various Users groups, formal training programs and documentation. However, there are many additional resources that are available and many are listed in the section entitled "Other Resources". Members of the Princeton community are encouraged to avail themselves of these resources and CeDAR will continue to play the leading role in the identification and compilation of these resources.

CeDAR also sponsors programs throughout the year that deal with specialized aspects of data, analytics and reporting. These may be found on the Princeton Employee Learning Center web site.

Finally, while a large portion of CeDAR's time is spent working on formal projects approved as part of the annual IPP process, CeDAR staff are always available to discuss data-related ideas that members of the Princeton community might have. Examples might include turning spreadsheet data into a shared dashboard, enhancing data that currently exists in the Warehouse with external sources of data and learning how to better display data for different purposes and audiences.