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Quick Reference Card: Package Custodian Roles

Report Studio: Intro - User Guide

Report Studio: Mail Merges

Test Plans: Report Automation

Understanding Joins

Using a Blank Report

Securing Your Package in the Warehouse

CeDAR Position Paper: Load Data from Excel

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New! Cognos Analytics (Version 11)

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Tableau Documentation

Introduction to Tableau - Training Guide

Tableau Site Administrator Training

Tableau Desktop Installation & Upgrade Instructions


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Visualizations 101



How do I gain access to reports in the Warehouse?

Page Cannot be Displayed?

  • If you receive the following error message when logging into Cognos and the Information Warehouse, "This page cannot be displayed. It may be deleted or you may not have sufficient privileges to see it." The Page Cannot be Displayed document which will show you how to reset the Cognos landing page.

Why did my schedules stop working?

  • If you recently changed your LDAP password, you will need to reset your credentials within Cognos.
  • Please refer to the Renew Credentials Document or follow these steps:
  1. Log into Cognos
  2. From the "My Area Options" link in the upper right corner of the Public Folders Page, click on "My Preferences"
  3. Click on the "Personal Tab" in the new window
  4. Click on "Renew the Credentials" link about the middle of the page
How do I change the number of entries (reports, folders, etc.) in my list view?
  1. Log into Cognos
  2. From the "My Area Options" link in the upper right corner of the Public Folders Page, click on "My Preferences"
  3. Click on the "Personal Tab" and set the "Number of entries in list view" to 999
  4. For easier viewing find the "Separators in list view" entry and choose either Alternating Backgrounds or Grid Lines
How do I use a scheduled Cognos report to automatically populate a listserv list?
Adobe/PDF Related Issues
I cannot print Cognos PDF reports on my printer using the Adobe "Print" button. Other printers seem to work!
  • If this is a network printer first check to see if the "Print to Image" button is checked on the printer you are using. 
  • If this continues to be an issue please contact the IT Support Team which supports the printer you are using as the firmware on the printer you are using should be updated to the latest University standard.  The OIT HelpDesk can assist with identifying the IT Support Team associated with the network printer you are using.
  • As printers have individual firmware settings; instances will occur when some printers work while others do not.
How do I turn off the pink bar in PDF reports indicating that the report is an interactive form?
  • Open Adobe Acrobat
  • On the menu bar select Edit then Preferences
  • Under Categories click Forms
  • under General click "Always hide forms document message bar"
Why can't I save a PDF document?
  • There is a setting within Adobe Acrobat that puts a save file icon on the Acrobat toolbar:
  • Launch Acrobat Pro on your desktop
  • On the menu select Tools thenCustomize Toolbars
  • Under the FileToolbar section, check Save
  • Check OK
I receive a "103:103" error when trying to run reports to PDF.
The floating Adobe Toolbar will not stay at the top of the page.
How do I password-secure a PDF report?
I'm using Page Sets in PDF reports and have performance issues.  What is one way I can fix this?
Browser Related Issues
How do I fix an Internet Explorer 8 Cross-scripting error?
Clearing cache from your IE browser.
How do I open reports in a new tab when using either FireFox or Internet Explorer?
When using Firefox on a MAC what do I need to do to execute report drills?
I am not able to run reports to Excel. When I click 'run' it returns me to the report list window.
Answer: turn off the Internet Explorer browser's pop-up blocker.
Excel Related Issues
I cannot view reports in the excel format - What do I do?
I cannot view reports defaulted to run to Excel - The report runs and returns a blank report screen.
What do I do?
Why does running a report to Excel fail when using Reverse Proxy?
  • This problem seems to be due to some unknown setting conflicts between browsers, plug-ins and Reverse Proxy itself.
  • When experiencing this problem some users have had success using a different browser.
  • If you are experiencing this problem please contact the OIT Help Desk at (609) 258 - 4357.