Princeton Data Governance

There are a number of data governance groups at Princeton, most notably the Data Governance Steering Committee and the Data Management Advisory Group (DMAG), that play a major role in the work that CeDAR performs.

Data Governance Steering Committee 

The Data Governance Steering Committee provides a structure for campus-wide discussions about protecting Princeton data and for guiding campus initiatives that relate to the use of University information. Membership is comprised of executive-level staff from the Office of Finance and Treasury, Office of the Registrar, Office of the General Counsel, Office of the Dean of the Faculty, Audit and Compliance, Human Resources, Office of the Executive Vice President and Office of Information Technology. 

Data Management Advisory Group (DMAG)

The Data Management Advisory Group (DMAG) focuses on issues of data management as they relate to student, employee, faculty, financial, and health record data. The group is assessing best practices and issues relating to data classification, data sharing, data safeguarding and proper use. The group is chaired by the Deputy CIO for OIT Operations and Planning and membership includes staff from OIT and most administrative departments.


A full listing of all the Administrative IT Governance groups at Princeton may be found here.